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This article was written some months go, but only published today. I recently acquired a new tape auto-changer / library. I have already run some simple tests on the library, and all seems well. I already have an existing Bacula installation and my plan is to add this new auto-changer into that. Gentoo Forums :: View topic - Bacula retorna erro de que May 28, 2017 · Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 8:50 pm Post subject: Bacula retorna erro de que autoloader possui 0 slots Boa noite pessoal, tudo bem? Sou novato com Linux e Principamente com Bacula.

Bacula / Thread: [Bacula-users] bacula does not recognizes Mar 06, 2013 · Hello Distribution: Ubuntu 12.04 Issue: Bacula does not properly recognize the 12 tape slots of the ADIC-1200 G. Details: 1) *update slots scan 3306 Issuing autochanger "slots" command. Device "AutoChanger1" has 0 slots. No slots in changer to scan. Bacula Slots Scan - Device Yam-TTO-5-Changer has 23 slots.Results=Program killed by Bacula (timeout) No VolName for Slot=3 InChanger set to zero. Connecting to Storage daemon TapeLibrary at 3307 Issuing autochanger unload slot 2, drive 1 command. 3304 Issuing autochanger load slot 2, drive 0 command. 3992 Bad autochanger load slot 2, drive 0: ERR=Child died from signal 15: Termination.No … 1376453 – bacula-sd reports "Permission denied" on device

Bacula / Thread: [Bacula-users] bacula does not recognizes

Legacy Bacula (5.2) installation. ➢ Physical datacenter. ➢ HP MSL 2024: 24 slots , 1 tape drive, autochanger. ➢ MSL attached to .... [10:0:0:0] tape IBM ULT3580- TD5 0103 /dev/st1 /dev/sg3 ... We can use that device file for Bareos configuration ... amanda-changers - The Open Source Backup Wiki - Zmanda A name which does not match this pattern, is treated as an Amanda device, and is wrapped by the single-device changer, e.g., chg-single:tape:/dev/rmt/0 . .... a volume has been ejected from the drive but not unloaded back to a storage slot. Bacula / [Bacula-users] Device "AutoLoader" has 0 slots. bacula-users_ru [Bacula-users] Device "AutoLoader" has 0 slots. [Bacula-users] Device "AutoLoader" has 0 slots. From: Emery Guevremont ... Bacula / Re: [Bacula-users] autochanger device has 0 slots Re: [Bacula-users] autochanger device has 0 slots Re: [Bacula-users] autochanger device has 0 slots. From: Timo Neuvonen - 2006-08 ...

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[Bacula-users] Bacula Autoloader Error: Device Autochanger ... Device "Autochanger" has 0 slots. No slots in changer to scan. I cannot seem to add Tapes/Volumes as bacula does not find any slots in the library. autochanger device has 0 slots autochanger device has 0 slots. Posted by Anonymous . Forum List Message List New Topic. Anonymous. ... file in /etc/bacula for the user to install should he wish.

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How To Install Virtual Tape Library + Bacula - bacula-sd.conf: Device { Name = Drive-1 Drive Index = 0 Media Type = LTO-4 Archive Device = /dev/nst0 AutomaticMount = yes; AlwaysOpen = yes; RemovableMedia = yes; RandomAccess = no; AutoChanger = yes Alert Command = "sh -c 'tapeinfo -f %c … Released Version 3.0.3 and 3.0.3a This chapter presents the new features added to the development 2.5.x versions to be released as Bacula version 3.0.0 sometime in April 2009. Basic Volume Management

Feb 10, 2016 · Sending label command for Volume "A00041" Slot 3 3304 Issuing autochanger "load slot 3, drive 0" command for vol A00041. 3992 Bad autochanger "load slot 3, drive 0": ERR=Child died from signal 15: Termination. Results=Program killed by Bacula (timeout) Meu SD está na mesma máquina do DIR conf do SD # # An autochanger device with two drives #

Hello, First of all, here's the setup for my Bacula server: Dell PowerEdge R320 server Dell PowerVault 124T LTO5 tape changer FreeBSD 9.1 OS...

Bacula is made up of several components and services used to manage what to backup and where to back it up to: Bacula Director-- service that controls all backup, restore, verify, and archive operations. Bacula Console-- application allowing communication with the Director. There are three versions of the Console: